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Pandora Compatible Beads

Experience the style, quality and beauty of our Pandora compatible beads and save a bundle.  Why pay retail prices for Pandora beads when you can look great for less?  Here's a little secret - our collection of Pandora compatible beads are specially imported from the same place as those expensive official Pandora beads.  So, what's the difference?  Other than enjoying up to a 60% savings, we'd like to know.  Our Pandora compatible beads are a smart bargain that will make you feel as good as you'll look.
Bainbridge and Company sterling silver and glass bead jewelry is a perfect way to personalize your necklace or bracelet. Bainbridge and Company beads are Pandora and Troll compatible and are made of highest quality of sterling silver or glass with sterling silver core with prices starting at just $9.99 you don't have to buy just one. From jeans to formal wear, the Pandora compatible bracelet and Pandora compatible necklace enhances any attire.  Each piece is as unique as the woman who wears them.